Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Doctor Who - Infinity Doctors, Part 3 of 3, The Moment

Download (36:20, 50.2 MB mp3, released 2011.12.21)
Rassilon's most lethal weapon threatens the whole of creation. Will the Doctor, united with all of his other incarnations, be able to stop it?
Written by Eric L. Busby and Miles Reid
Featured in the cast were:
David Ault
Julian Bane
Peter Walsh
Jeff Niles
Kurt Bergeron
and Peter Heinsoth as the Doctors

Also featured were:

Viktor Aurelius as the Narrator
Caroline Morahan as Sam
Tegan Harris as Ace
M.S. Garcia as Emma
GGG as Rose
Natalie Van Sistine as Kate
Michael Breckenridge as Frobisher
Chris Snyder as Daleks, Cybermen and K9
with Gareth Preston

This episode was directed by Eric L. Busby

Music conducted by Murray Gold

Sound design by Eric Busby and Chris Snyder