Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doctor Who Infinity Doctors, Part 1 of 3, The Summoning

Download (30:46, 42.6 MB mp3, released 2011.09.27)

Have you never wondered what would have befallen all those lives and worlds if the Doctor had never existed?

Written by Eric L. Busby and Miles Reid

Featured in the cast were:
David Ault
Julian Bane
Peter Walsh
Jeff Niles
and Kurt Bergeron as the Doctors

Also featured were:

Caroline Morahan as Sam
Tegan Harris as Ace
M. Sieiro Garcia as Emma
GGG as Rose
Eric L. Busby as the Engineer
George S. Nader as Pilot
Elie Hirschman as Logan
Philip Webber as the Master
H. Keith Lyons as the Silurian
Matthew Kopelke as Daleks
and Viktor Aurelius as the Narrator
with special appearance by Gareth Preston

This episode was directed by Eric L. Busby

Music conducted by Murry Gold

Sound design by Eric Busby and Chris Snyder

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